about the box

Hello Spring! 


Are you ready to welcome the season with our latest seasonal box! 


Settle in for a soak with the inaugural item of the by Caley Joy line while relaxing by spring candlelight. And bring flowers into your home and accessories with creations by Island makers Alisha (Island Flower Girl) and Stephanie (Rita et Katherine). 

We hope you bloom and grow with this box. 



The Home Team

introducing: by caley joy

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We know what it feels like to need to unwind after a wild, fun, or even stressful day. 

For us on the Home team, that often means a warm bath with delicious bath mixes full of comforting salts, milk, scents, and even flower petals. 


For some time now, we've been considering starting a Caley Joy line of products. Various bath products are on the top of the list. It's why we decided our first item launched would be our wildflower coconut milk bath. 


Creating something that makes you feel good is a priority for our products. We want our bath milk to help you relax, slow down, and embrace the moment at hand. To do that, we've packed it with ingredients that will nourish your body and heart. Done with care, having a bath can be a great stress reliever mentally and physically soothing muscles and joints. It can be an excellent opportunity for meditation or provide a safe space for you to deal with emotions you may have pushed aside. 


Designing products that make you feel all good things is just a step of the By Caley Joy journey. So we hope you'll come along and take time to draw yourself a bath and settle in for a soft soak. 

Directions:  Add 2-3 tablespoons of the Caley Joy Coconut Wildflower Bath Milk to warm tub of water for a nourishing, relaxing soak.

meet the makers


Rita et Katherine 

Delicately hand-crafted, we are so in love with the collaborative earrings Stephanie, owner of Rita et Katherine, created for us! 


We love flowers and so does she and we’re thrilled she was able to bring the blooms of spring to these earrings! 


We'll be wearing ours every day all spring, summer, and probably fall too!

Steph currently resides in Summerside, PEI. You can find her creations in our little shop or via her Etsy shop.


Island Flower Girl

You are going to absolutely LOVE what Alisha has made for us.


These delicate mini-arrangements of dried florals are full of colour and vibrance to bring the season of spring into any home!


As the operator of Island Flower Girl and her Wedding and Events floral studio Sakurah’s Floral Studio, each arrangement Alisha makes starts with an idea and then grows into full blooms as she pairs flowers of the season or her own dried flower bundles together for just the right creation!

Care Instructions: Display flowers in a vase, jug, or jar. Do not put in water. Keep away from open flame. Enjoy!


Ten and Co.

Swedish Sponge Cloths are a sustainable swap for single-use paper towels and your regular dishcloths.


Able to absorb 3/4 cup of water when wet, these cloths don't hold on to the musty smell we're all too familiar with when it's time to grab a new towel from the drawer! Ten and Co. is a Canadian, eco-conscious home goods company that creates beautiful and sustainable things!

Care Instructions: See downloadable care guide for detailed instructions.

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