Welcome to the Blog

Hello! Welcome to the blog!

Like the shop, it's a little corner of the world curated for you and me.

We hope that this blog will be the vessel to solve problems together, introduce you to inspiring makers and dreamers, spark creativity in your own home, share our successes, and reflect on the moments that keep us humble.

I have always had a passion for home decor, beautiful wares, different landscapes and cities around the world, fine art, and interior design styles.

a rustic pink dresser, a medium sized fiddle leaf fig, a clear glass lamp with white shade, a natural wooden frame with a photo of green grass by Caley Joy Photography on Prince Edward Island.
Our cottage bedroom dresser complete with a Caley Joy Photography print

The stories of dreamers who work against the grain to make their visions real and who fight to get them seen have always piqued my interest. It's probably why I ended up with a Fine Arts degree and a brain that is always seeking peace and beauty.

After reading Home Body by Joanna Gaines cover to cover and every copy of Magnolia Magazine, my husband Sean and I had the opportunity to go to the famous silos in Waco, Texas, in early 2020 (pre-pandemic!).

It's creators like her who bring their design concepts out of the studio, off of social media, and begin to make an actual change within their communities and our homes and hearts that inspired me to start this journey.

A woman, mid-30s in a purple bomber coat in front of a wall of cacti and a sign that reads, "where you are today matters for who you'll be tomorrow" at Magnolia Waco Texas
At Magnolia in Waco Texas. The perfect moment of foreshadowing what was to come!

One of the most impactful parts of our trip to Waco was how everyone had such a sense of pride in where they were from. The community was alive with people who loved to be a part of it. There was such inspiration when you could visibly see a community of people who longed to be exactly where they were.

That's what we are going to strive to capture here on the blog; to love where you are and to love what you have. How can you curate a life that makes you truly happy? Can a home full of family memories and items that bring forth wonder bring you peace. You don't have to be an interior designer, have the most expensive things, or even keep a magazine-tidy house; heck, I sure don't! But you and I can both show up, be present, be interested, and still love design; because we are throwing misconceptions out with the bathwater!

Need a recipe for the best spring cocktail? We can do that. Need help styling your coffee table? We can do that too. Ever wonder how people turn a hobby into a business? We are going to ask them. Want your biggest curiosities answered? We hope you'll share them with us, so we can find the answers together. This will be a super fun place; we can't wait for this community to take shape.

We want to be a kind voice and a breath of fresh air, to share a bit about what makes life so lovely.

xo Caley Joy & The Home Team


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